Quick and Easy

Taking the survey is quick and easy and takes less than five minutes to complete. Simply log onto the survey, read through the seven questions, and answer by checking the box underneath the question. All the questions in the survey pertain to your current health status and will help us get an idea of how you have been doing in the past several months. We thank you for your participation in the study survey. It's quick and simple!

Take the Survey Now

To take the survey, please login below using your email address and the password that was provided to you. The email address and password that you should use are listed in the email that we recently sent you inviting you to take the survey online.

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What Happens Nextan

You are done! In several months, we will contact you again by email to complete the survey online. Until that time, you do not need to do anything. If you do not take the online survey within a week of receiving the email from us, we will attempt to contact you by phone. Thank you for your participation in the COPDgene study!

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